Friday, 24 July 2009

Worldwide TEDENs

The new New Zealand government website for birth, marriage and death indices does not show a single instance of TEDEN birth in NZ in last 100 years (i.e. prior to July 1909), TEDEN marriage in last 80 years (i.e. prior to July 1929) or any TEDEN deaths before 1959 (or since then provided the age was over 80).

For Australia, there are no TEDEN births marriages or deaths in ACT, New South Wales, Queensland, Western Australia or Victoria for the periods available online (Tasmania, Northern Territories and South Australia are not available to search online). One English Teden is known to have emigrated in the last decade to Australia, but even she returned to England for her marriage.

South Africa's BMD (or BDM as you prefer) is not readily searchable online.

In Canada, there are no Tedens in Manitoba (who have full online indices with similar restrictions to the NZ ones), or in British Columbia - they being only two states I've searched so far.

In the Netherlands, the Genlias database contains 2 Teden references: the deaths on 31-05-1855 of Stientje Hindriks Teden, son of Hindrik Jans Teden and Aaltje Gerrits, and on 21-01-1856 of his brother Marchien Hindriks Teden. Both were from Nieuwe Pekela, a village in the Dutch province of Groningen.

Sunday, 5 July 2009

Swedish-American Tedens

Thanks to some recent correspondence with Laura Sage in the USA via email about the 'Swedish-American' Teden family, I was able to build on the information supplied by Jeffrey Teden about his ancestors.

The first known Teden on this line is Frederick Wilhelm TEDEN, born 10 March 1857 in Kristinepamn, Varmland, Sweden. He left Sweden in 1887 and travelled via Liverpool, England, to Boston, Massachussetts, USA. He married in 1880 to Ottonie Okerlund, an 18-year-old Swedish compatriot and they had at least 5 children together - Florence Constance Frederika, Houns (sp?), Rose Marie Wilhamina, Frederick William and Herbert Eugene. Sadly Ottonie died in 1906 at the fairly young age of 44 and Frederick re-married in 1925 to Magnhild (Viola) Anderson. She outlived her husband, as he died in 1931 and she did not pass away until 1951.

At least two of Frederick and Ottonie's daughters had children, but it was Herbert who continued the TEDEN family name in the USA. Herbert married Alice Raymond, a native of Brooklyn, NY, and they had one son, Herbert Eugene Jr, who also had children to continue the family name.

There are a number of references to TEDEN in the USA whom I have not yet connected to this family, such as:
- David Teden (birth/death dates unknown) married 12 Aug 1814 First Methodist Episcopal Church, Baltimore, Maryland to Ann Orr
- John Teden (birth/death dates unknown) married 24 Jun 1886 in Rhode Island to Frances Hill (could this be Ralph's parents? see below)
- Ralph Teden (b 4 Oct 1886, d 10 Nov 1930 Palo Alto county, Iowa) and his wife Mayme (nee Laughead)
- marriage in 20th century of Henry Chester Teden to LeFlore Medders (dates withheld as possibly still living) - who were Henry's parents?

I would love to connect these references to one of my existing TEDEN families

Some statistics

The family tree for the English Tedens (that includes those descendants now living in South Carolina, Scotland and Australia) actually only contains 96 children born with the name Teden right through from 1800-2009. have now launched the full marriage indices for England & Wales from 1916-2005, to accompany the already launched birth indices for England & Wales for the same period. There were 41 Teden marriages during this period, and those marriages produced over 100 children during the same time frame where either the baby's surname was Teden, or a child was born with another name but their mother's maiden name was Teden.

What is most remarkable is that every one of those marriages and births can be attributed to the English Teden family, with the sole exception of Gladys Teden' marriage in 1952 to Louis Lessels (as previously mentioned in this blog, she had changed her name by deed poll to Teden from Woodbridge).

Sunday, 14 June 2009

All quiet on the Teden genealogy front

Sorry, there hasn't been a post on here for some time. Not been focussed on my Teden ancestors of late, because the New Zealand government launched a website for birth, marriage and death indices (see so I've been doing lots of work on NZ branches of my and my partner's families.

On the Teden descendants, I confirmed 5 definite children of Florence Teden (formerly Teden Denman) and Herbert Albert King. I have note of another daughter called Babs, but I'm not sure if that's short for Barbara or if it's short for Baby (as it is for my partner's gran) as the youngest of the family - a cutesy version of the American 'Junior'.

I am also sad to announce the death last year of Beryl Rome, the daughter of Edith Lilian Teden, aged 89.