Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Another Teden for the family tree! (Belated) congratulations to Andy and Mhari-Louise on the safe arrival of their son earlier this year; another of the next generation of Tedens for the family tree!

Teden by deed poll

In looking through all the births, marriages and deaths for England and Wales, I came across one which wouldn't tie in with anything else - the marriage in 1952 of Gladys Mary Teden to a Mr Lessels in Worthing. I couldn't find a birth of a Gladys Mary Teden, nor a marriage of a Mr Teden to a woman called Gladys.

Recently, I cracked this mystery - in 1948, Gladys changed her name by deed poll from Woodbridge to Teden (see the London Gazette archive). But I am still puzzled as to why she chose Teden as her new name; what was the significance?

Monday, 9 July 2007

New blog for the Teden family!

I've been researching the history of the TEDEN family since my grandma died in 2002. Her maiden name was Teden, but I never really asked her about her family before she died.

Her grandfather was Edward Teden, who was the direct ancestor of every single Teden living in the UK today. He married twice and had 17 children by his two wives.

As part of my research, I've transcribed all the births, marriages and deaths from the GRO indices for England and Wales, so if you're interested in the Teden family, I have all the information. Only 2 of the 193 entries between 1837 to 1999 have not yet been attributed to Edward's parents or their descendants.

I have been a member of the Guild of One-Name Studies since 2004 and it was from their journal that I got the idea for doing this blog! What I'd like to achieve from this blog is to keep any relatives interested in the family informed about the progress of any research I'm doing.