Sunday, 14 June 2009

All quiet on the Teden genealogy front

Sorry, there hasn't been a post on here for some time. Not been focussed on my Teden ancestors of late, because the New Zealand government launched a website for birth, marriage and death indices (see so I've been doing lots of work on NZ branches of my and my partner's families.

On the Teden descendants, I confirmed 5 definite children of Florence Teden (formerly Teden Denman) and Herbert Albert King. I have note of another daughter called Babs, but I'm not sure if that's short for Barbara or if it's short for Baby (as it is for my partner's gran) as the youngest of the family - a cutesy version of the American 'Junior'.

I am also sad to announce the death last year of Beryl Rome, the daughter of Edith Lilian Teden, aged 89.

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