Sunday, 5 July 2009

Some statistics

The family tree for the English Tedens (that includes those descendants now living in South Carolina, Scotland and Australia) actually only contains 96 children born with the name Teden right through from 1800-2009. have now launched the full marriage indices for England & Wales from 1916-2005, to accompany the already launched birth indices for England & Wales for the same period. There were 41 Teden marriages during this period, and those marriages produced over 100 children during the same time frame where either the baby's surname was Teden, or a child was born with another name but their mother's maiden name was Teden.

What is most remarkable is that every one of those marriages and births can be attributed to the English Teden family, with the sole exception of Gladys Teden' marriage in 1952 to Louis Lessels (as previously mentioned in this blog, she had changed her name by deed poll to Teden from Woodbridge).

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